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Pad Rattler. Realistic Swimming Frog 5 frogs in its own tackle box.

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The Pad Rattler, the ultimate realistic hollow body, solid leg, swimming frog. Now comes packed in its own special 5 frog clear plastic tackle box. 5 different natural colors to match any condition.

Superior life like action. Looks and behaves just like a real frog.

Swimming solid legs that immitates an adult frogs movement.

Sealed hook holes in body to greatly reduce water entering frog. More Casts, Less Squeezing!!

Featuring POPPIN FROGS' " BULLFROG BULLSEYE".  Fish can see a few colors. One color that stands out to them is red. With this in mind, we have created the Bullfrog Bullseye. A round target red bullseye strategically placed on the belly of the frog. This Bullseye will attract and steer the predator fish directly to the frog. Sorta like a beacon. Allows that Bass or other species to hone in on the bait for a more precise, direct strike and hookup. 

Double beaded rattle. Lets you announce your there and ready to get eaten.

Double High Carbon steel sticky sharp hooks.

Super soft body around hook points to increase hookup rate.

Weedless in design. Don't be afraid to throw this frog in all kinds of cover.

Perfectly weighted, and angled in the water when paused.

Water release hole in rear of frog.

Great for Bass, Pike, Muskie and other gamefish.

Body is approximately 63.5 mm, 2.5 inches body (not including the solid legs).

Currently offering this 5 frog pack at special temporary pricing. 

Don't leave home without one of these super frog sets! Supply limited.

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