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Bangin Bluegills

3 Pack! 3.12" Bluegill Swimbaits 6 segments. 3 colors. 3 lures in its own Tackle Box.

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Video above is same lures with diving lip. This offer is for same type of lures without the lip.

Realistic looking Bluegills 3.12"each. Six segmented Jointed Swimbaits. Fantastic wavy undulating motion perfectly replicates a swimming Bluegill. A Bass smasher!!

Three (3) Different colored baits come packed in its own Bluegill clear plastic Tackle Box.

2 Bluegill and 1 Bluegill-Sunfish Pumpkin Seed. You get the 3 lures as shown.

3" in length.

A shallow runner, slow sinking bait. Let it sink and run at deeper depths.

Currently offered at our special discount price.  Why pay more?

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