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Welcome to our store. We take pride in offering the most unique and effective fishing lures on the market. And now, we're excited to offer unbeatable prices on all our fishing lures! 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up on high-quality fishing lures at prices you won't find anywhere else. 


GlideCandy - 7" Two Section Glide Baits -  $22.00 ea

Adams Fly Assortment. 12 Flies $8.49


                               Pad Rattler

5 Pack, 3D Eyes, Sealed Hollow Body, Solid

     Swimming Legs, Twin Bead Rattlers.

           Sticky Sharp hooks. More!

Realistic Swimming Frogs. Special $22.50


                           Pad Rattler          

    Poppin Frogs'  "Bullfrog Bullseye". 

Bass will hone in for the perfect strike.

               Increase Hook Up ratio.

Realistic Swimming Frogs. Special $22.50

                                 Pad Rattler

                   You will receive 5 Frogs

                  5  unique, realistic colors

Packed in its own Clear Plastic Tackle Box.

 Realistic Swimming Frogs. Special $22.50

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